Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fashion 101: Summer Trends Must-Haves! (Rock-Star Style)

*Sourced and edited by Dayana Sobri

Get ready to shop dear fashionistas,as the summer trends are around the corner again.Here are some of the summer essentials that are currently in trend! Spotted on lots of celebrities!

Headline your style with these summer essentials, from skulls and studs to leather and shredded denim

1.On the Fringe

Go totally Woodstock in this suede fringe jacket.

2.Disco Diva
Disco never died—get ’70s sultry in a slinky jersey halter jumpsuit.

3. What a Stud
Perform your solo act in an all-stud jacket.As seen on Pixie Lott.

4.Skull Candy
As an ode to the Goth rock lords, hang this blinged-out skull pendant around your neck.

5.Geek Chic
Feel that nerdy-rocker spirit in a cropped oxford shirt.

6.Tough Chic
Carry all your essentials in this heavy-metal shopper.

forever 21
7. Torn Up

Shredded and studded, these denim shorts are ready for tour on the road.
*These shorts are from FOREVER 21

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