Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fashion DIY: Turn your closet into a DIY dream!

*Sourced and edited by Dayana Sobri

Turn Your Closet into a DIY Dream
Voila! What an organised-looking closet,eh?

1.Remove the doors (ask Mom or Dad for help), put up curtains, and add carpet to make it feel like a luxurious dressing area!

2.Paint the inside of the closet a color that you love.

3.Hot-glue fringe to the edge of your shelves as an extra touch!

4.Polaroid your shoes and tape them to the boxes so you can keep your shoes protected, but still quickly find what you need in the morning when you're getting ready.

5.Use stacking baskets for loose items like bags, socks, tights, undies, and bras.


DIY:  Fabric Hangers

Supplies for one hanger: 1.wooden suit hanger with pants bar (RM2.80/hanger at IKEA,estimated price), 1/2 meter moire fabric-it's silky with a wavy pattern (RM10/meter, at fabric stores,estimated price), 1/2 meter 1-inch-wide satin ribbon (RM1.50/meter, at art supplies,estimated price), scissors, pencil, thread, hot glue gun.

2.Lay hanger on fabric. Trace around hanger to create a pattern. Then add 3/4 of an inch to slanted sides and 2 inches to straight bottom side. Cut out. Repeat so you have two equal-sized pieces.

3.Stitch shiny sides together 1/2 inch in from edges of slanted sides. Leave 1/4-inch hole at tip of triangle for hanger to fit through. Flip fabric right side out. Slip on hanger. Fold bottom edges up and carefully hot-glue closed. Tie on ribbon.


DIY:  Jewelry Organizer

Supplies: 1.An old wooden frame, gold spray paint (RM6.90/can, at art supply stores), one roll small mesh window screen (RM8/meter, at hardware stores,estimated price), scissors, heavy-duty staple gun, staples.

2.Remove glass and backing from frame. Spray-paint (in the garage or outside!) gold. Let dry 2 hours.

3.Cut a piece of mesh that fits into the frame plus an extra inch on all four sides. Staple mesh onto the frame back around all four edges. Hang or prop up the jewelry organizer inside your closet. Then hook all of your earrings into the holes in the mesh.


DIY:  Pom-Pom Curtains

Supplies: 1.Moiré fabric-measure your closet doors from top to bottom, double it, and then add another 10 inches (RM10/meter, at fabric stores,estimated price), 10 meters pom-pom trim (RM3.80/meter, at craft stores,estimated price), 1 meter fringe trim (RM3/meter, at craft stores,estimated price), tension rod to fit across your closet (RM10, at hardware stores,estimated price), scissors, needle, thread.

2.Cut fabric in half width-wise to get two equal-sized panels. Neatly stitch a 1/2-inch hem around all four sides of each panel.

3.Fold down short end of one panel 3 inches and stitch it along the bottom to create sleeve for rod. Repeat on other panel.

4.Stitch pom-pom trim along sides and bottom of each panel.

5.Slide each panel onto tension rod. Expand rod until it fits snugly across top of closet. Tie curtains back with fringe trim or let them hang loose to hide your stuff!


DIY:  Storage Box

Supplies: 1.Medium cardboard box (try a large shoebox or a round hatbox), 1 meter moire fabric (RM10/meter,estimated price), 2 meters fringe trim (RM3/meter, both at craft supply store), hot glue gun, scissors.

2.Lay fabric out with shiny side facedown. Place bottom of box on fabric. Wrap the outside of the box just like you would a present, neatly folding the edges up over sides of the box. Hotglue fabric in place on inside of box. Trim any excess fabric.

3.Repeat the wrapping process with the top of the box, again neatly folding the edges over into the inside cover. Hot-glue fabric in place. Using one continuous piece of fringe trim, neatly hot-glue it around all four edges of box top. Overlap 1/2 inch of fringe where two ends meet. Cut off excess. Glue down end.

You can shop at these stores for all your crafty DIY needs:

*IKEA,Mutiara Damansara (for hangers,storage boxes,frames,curtains etc)

*Kedai Alat-Alat Jahitan MAY HIN, Sungei Wang Plaza (ribbons,trimmings,linings,buttons,etc)

*ACE Hardware,Midvalley Megamall (hardware items such as glue-gun,thumb-tacks,driller etc)

*Art Friend, The Gardens (for craft supply needs)

P/s: All of the prices stated are my estimation only. Prices may vary.

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