Monday, June 21, 2010

Fashion News: Latest Updates (Week 3rd of June 2010)

*Sourced and edited by Dayana Sobri

Weird Trend from Men’s Fashion Week: Jeggings

The runways for RTW Spring 2011 in Milan this past week have been littered with man-jeggings. (Neologism = meggings?) And T’s The Moment blog just confirmed it with a tweet: “Jeggings- new term coined for all the jean and trouser-like leggings and super slim, tight pants being shown here this season.”

The jegging is a risky and conflicted clothing item for most ladies. On the one hand, when done right, they’re just like skinny jeans only more comfortable (hooray for elastic waist bands!). On the other hand, they can be epically ugly and tricky to pull off.

And now, terrifyingly, men are following suit. Lauren even noticed man-jeggings at Top Shop back in January.

We’re hoping this isn’t a trend that trickles down. But we’ve seen enough too-tight skinny jean-ed ass-cracks along Bedford Ave. to know that hipsters aren’t parting with their beloved trousers anytime soon. So we’re looking at you, Williamsburg, when we say: Please, treat this trend responsibly.

Fashion PRs Are Still Feeling the Recession

The recession is over! The recession is over!

Retailers and fashion labels may be shouting this comforting phrase from the hills, but there is an area of the fashion industry still struggling to regain momentum: public relations.

Kelly Cutrone, for instance, has been extremely open regarding the hit her company took during the recession. It was even a subplot on her reality television show Kell on Earth.

More recently, we witnessed the April 30 closure of Press Office Ltd., which repped brands including Karen Walker (now with Bradbury Lewis), Agnes B., Dunderdon, and Lover.

One industry professional explained that, while business isn’t necessarily down, rates are. The dollar figure clients are offering for monthly retainers, one-off events, and other services has literally halved in many circumstances. Which means PRs are working the same amount for a lot less money.

We suppose one could compare it to the cost of clothes and accessories. If people know that they can get a $1,000 pair of shoes on sale for $500, why would they bother paying full price? Clients know that they can shop around for a better offer because the public relations firms need the work.

The good news: It seems that public relations has been hit harder in 2010–plenty of fashion and beauty brands were struggling long before that. We expect that marketing budgets in 2011 will be much higher, which means better business for PRs.

Best Dressed: Alba Rocks Kane, Bilson Strikes a Posen, Saldana Sparkles in Marant

Last week, Jessica Alba and Rachel Bilson work similar hourglass silhouettes, while Zoe Saldana and Olivia Palermo kept it light and casual. Also, Roxane Mesquida steps out in a striking Fendi number.

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