Thursday, June 17, 2010

Style DIY: Marc Jacobs Studded Flats!

*Sourced and edited by Dayana Sobri

DIY: Marc Jacobs metal studded flat shoes

Do It With: one pair black leather ballet flats, 16 pyramid studs, an exacto knife, a hammer or other blunt object, electrical tape, and forty-five minutes to an hour of your time.

Do It Why? Marc Jacobs’ metal-studded ballet flats are totally cute, but at first sight are definitely of the ‘I could do that myself…’ variety. Why spend $575 on something that you can make at your kitchen table in less time than it takes to watch Days of Our Lives?

Is Marc Jacobs going to come after me? These are really more MJ-inspired than exact replicas; if you want them to look a little more authentic keep an eye out for slippers without an elastic strap across the top, and try weathering some black pyramid studs with sandpaper and using them in place of the silver ones. Imitation is considered the highest form of flattery, but either way, these shoes are mad comfortable so you should have no problem running away from angry fashion designers if it comes to that.

Difficulty Level: On a scale of 1-5 this is an easy 1.5 – it’s a quick project and the only slightly difficult part is making sure to go easy with the exacto knife, as it’s pretty easy to accidentally make a larger slit for the studs than you actually need.

Cost: For cheap ballet flats, you can get em at Button My Button Boutique in Subang Jaya(they usually sell those flats around RM45 for the really basic ballet flats).For trimmings etc get em at Kedai Alat-Alat Jahitan May Hin in Sungei Wang Plaza(a packet of small sized gold studs cost around RM6,1 packet contains 10 pieces of studs).For hardware items get em at ACE Hardware in Midvalley Megamall.


1. Using the picture of the real-deal shoes as a guide, press 8 studs into the top of the first shoe. Start with the bottom middle stud (since it lines up perfectly in the middle of the shoe, right above the opening) and work your way out. Since you won’t be able to push them all the way through without terrible, brutish strength, just press them in place until you see that the prongs have made indentations in the leather, then use the exact-o knife to make slits in those places.

2. When you’ve finished placing the studs into their little slits, secure them in place with a few strips of electrical tape across the top.

3. Flip the shoe inside out, being careful not to lose any studs in the process.

4. One by one, press the prongs of the studs down and in with the hammer (or whatever blunt object you have handy).

5. Before flipping the shoe right-side out, cover the exposed metal of the prongs with electrical tape so they don’t hurt your little toes.

6. If, like mine, your ballet slippers have a drawstring tie, try them on and tie a tight knot at the point where they’re comfortable and well-fitting. Snip the excess length.

7. Repeat for shoe 2.

all done! have fun kicking around town in your twenty dollar $575 shoes.

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