Friday, July 9, 2010

FAKE OFF!!!! (Part 1)

*By Dayana Sobri,
Style Parlour Writer,
9th July 2010.

Ahhh,designer brands.At the mere thought of it,we immediately wandered off to dreamland,wishing and hoping to at least own even just an item of the luxury goods.Unfortunately not all of us were born with a silver spoon in the gob(British for 'mouth').Who wouldn't want to be envied by other fashionistas by simply owning the latest It-bag/shoes/etc?So to keep up with the fashionable peeps,a lot of us resort to this solution:BUY FAKE DESIGNER.But is it really worth it?

Though some of us would go the extra mile and spend a gazillion of money,some beg to differ.I mean why on earth would we want to waste a thousands of ringgit just for a bloody purse/bag/etc right?But I'm not going to be bias about this issue.For those who can afford luxury stuff,God bless you.But for those who can't,fret not as I have a few facts,sourced straight from the expert,on how to buy a decently made fakes,and how to spot whether an item is real or fake:

  • Symmetry-The most obvious difference between the real and the fake is that real designer handbags are symmetrical.If the print is cut off at 2 different points on either side of the bag,walk on.You should be able to draw an invisible line down the middle and see a mirror reflection of the print on both sides.
  • In The Cut-Make sure the logo of the designer who 'inspired' the bag is intact.There is no way Louis would left a bag onto his shelf for sale if his initials were sliced in two.
  • A Stitch in Time- The stitching should be perfect.Make sure the stitches are an even distance from the seam and that the fabric is not puckered.If it looks dodgy,forget it.
  • Seal Of Approval-Designer bags have a stamp on them that signifies where they were made.The lusted after Hermes Kelly bags have a Hermes Paris stamp,while Louis Vuitton should have a branded stamp that reads Louis Vuitton Paris,Made in France.A smudged stamp is an indication that your bag is fake.LV bags have the stamp on the inside.
So,think it all through.I'm not suggesting anything,only a shared facts that any fashionista must know.Fake items are seriously not recommended.Why?Read part 2.

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