Saturday, July 17, 2010

Figure Flaws Fixes! To The Rescue

*Sourced and edited by Dayana Sobri,
17th July 2010.

Make your body look amazing! How to fix the most common figure roadblocks, from curvy hips to small chests.

Figure Fix 1

Jasmine: Before

Issue 1: "I want to create curves." Jasmine Crowell, 30, wants to add the illusion of curves to her slim, boyish figure. "I don’t have much of a waist," she admits.

The plan: The key to creating an hourglass figure? Chooses pieces for a delicate, feminine look and accentuating her waistline.

The classic curve creator: A shrunken blazer. The tailored cut nips in at the waist, while a billowy top underneath creates movement and shape. The hip-length top conceals a straight silhouette and in fact—paired with dark skinny jeans—show off Jasmine's hip curves.

Jasmine: After

Figure Fix 2

Allison: Before

Issue 2: “I want to minimize my bust.” Allison Wicke, 25, would love to balance her top-heavy silhouette.

What may seem average (a 34C bust) easily overwhelms her petite 5’3” frame.

The plan:
Tighter does not equal slimmer. Instead, opt for tailored, body-skimming pieces up top and pair them with fuller bottom pieces for balance.

A dark, fine-gauge cardigan skims over Allison’s bustline without pulling or drawing attention, while a high-waisted, floor-length skirt lengthens her frame. Hint: Petites should usually shy away from overwhelming, full-length pieces, but in this case, a high waist actually gives the illusion of height.

Allison: After

Figure Fix 3

Loryn Before

Issue 3: “I want to minimize my hips and thighs.” Loryn Lopes, 25, wants to balance her bottom-heavy silhouette. “Finding clothes to suit my lower body—particularly my curvy hips and butt—can be a challenge,” she explains.

The plan: Myth: Volume is not the enemy. Look for structured pieces that play up a thinner waistline and naturally drape more fully over hips, thighs, and butt.

A fine-gauge cardigan skims lightly over Loryn’s hips without adding bulk, and a slightly-above-the-knee skirt length shows off her calves and ankles.

Tip: Adding a belt under the bustline accentuates the smallest area of the midsection.

Loryn After

Figure Fix 4

Lauren: Before

Issue 4: “I want to enhance my bust.” Lauren Farquar, 26, can’t find pieces to fit (or flatter) her small bustline. “Clothing is often too roomy on top or too low-cut for me,” she says.

The plan: Fake it—with fabric. The key to a fuller-looking bustline is all in playing with volume, draping, and shaping.

A cowl neckline has a smoke-and mirrors effect: Draping and folds make Lauren’s chest appear bigger, while the sleek silhouette shows off her trim waist.

Bonus: A cowlneck in a structured fabric (such as wool) offers a little bit of neckline without showing off too much.

Lauren: After

Now you know what to do,ladies! Do some makeover on your closet,buy things that is needed and toss those evil figure-wreckers outta wardrobe! Good luck!

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