Saturday, July 24, 2010

Upcoming Brand To Snag: Material Girl by Lourdes Leon

*By Dayana Sobri,
Style Parlour Writer,
24th July 2010.

"If they don't give me proper credit, I'll just walk away....'cause everybody's living in a material world,and I'm a material girl..."

Story photo: Taylor <span class=
Story photo: Taylor Momsen Fronts Material Girl Collection, Lourdes Leon Planning 'Vintage' Pieces
Taylor Momsen in an ad for Material Girl, Madonna and Lourdes *Macy's / WireImage

The apple of Madonna's eyes is finally growing up,and by up I mean climbing the fashion ladder.Just like her mother who used to be THE fashion icon of the 80's,the daughter of Madonna that goes by the name Lourdes Leon,isn't one who'd just sit back and watch the scene as a lame spectator.Instead,she took charge and take the leading role for this fashionable project,and surprisingly,Madonna is just the supporting role.Taylor Momsen has been chosen as the face of Material Girl,and expect to see a lot of her in the Material Girl's lookbook.

The clothing line,called Material Girl,is by no doubt was named after Madonna's uber successful hit song back in the 80's.With looks featuring (taken from the official Material Girl managing store Macy's online site) :


We all know that these have been around for a while now, but still loving the look. It's a perfect layering piece, giving just enough casual and masculine edge to your look and feminine belted versions like the one here from Marc Jacobs. The Material Girl jacket is super lightweight linen, perfect for layering, and has mixed metal embellishment details, for $38.00.


Totally feeling the bandeau look. You can work it in so many ways, from casual/vintage to dressy/chic. They have a ton of bandeau's coming in for Material Girl, in a bunch of different prints and materials. Check out the ones here in a fun heart print, and metallic pleather, and here's the kicker-they are only $5.00!!


She just has the best mix of vintage, girly, rock, and glam. Not to mention that her boyfriend Luke Worrall is too cute!

Absolutely loving her many versions of the plaid jacket, which is a MUST HAVE for this fall. Check out the Material Girl plaid jacket.

Totally can't wait for the launching day to come! Girls (and girls at heart) mark your calendar August 3rd 2010 and be the first in line to snag a few stylish pieces!!! (Currently available only at Macy.Check their online store for more info).

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