Monday, August 30, 2010

Fashion Goodies: Japanese's Fukubukuro! (Happy Bag/Lucky Bag/Mystery Bag)

*Sourced and edited by Dayana Sobri,
30th August 2010.

Head on down to Tokyo for some New Year shopping frenzy!!!!

Gemini Shibuya
*Cute Lucky Bags at Gemini Shibuya.

For those of you who have never heard of the word Fukubukuro in your lifetime surely must know what it means now!It's especially crucial to die-hard shopaholics out there who wouldn't mind spending a dime to buy something so uniquely uncommon to our shopping tradition,except in Japan,of course.The Fukubukuro occurs during the days following New Year's Day in Japan.

Fukubukuro means Happy Bag,Lucky Bag or even Mystery Bag.The bags are filled with unknown goodies which worth far more than what you pay for them.The catch is that you don’t know what’s inside of the bags. So, you might get $100 worth of clothing for $10 – but it might be clothing that doesn’t fit your body or your style. That said, for many the value outweighs the risk – and the surprise is part of the fun – so many Japanese girls look forward to the New Year sales. Popular shops and brands will often see people lining up hours – if not days – ahead of time. Fukubukuro are almost always in limited supply, so getting into the store before everything is gone is crucial if you’re a serious shopper.

Getting excited and giddy already?Then book the next flight to Tokyo for some New Year 2011 action!To know more about Fukubukuro visit

Culture Medium New Year Sale
With a name like “Culture Medium”, the bags have to be good!

Doll in High Heels
Doll in High Heels cute Happy Bags.

Sale Cheap Discount Etc.
Big sale and Lucky Bags with ear muffs, gloves, and other warm gear.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fashion&Beauty Makeover: How To Revamp Your Style From Head To Toe

*Sourced and edited by Dayana Sobri,
26th August 2010.

With the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival and the festive season around the corner,what better time to give your precious self a lil' pampering and splurging!


Thinkstock: Tips for updating an outdated hairstyle.

*Thinkstock: Tips for updating an outdated hairstyle.

With the changing of temperatures,the arrival of Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival until September 16th and the Raya celebration around the corner, what better time to assess your own appearance and revamp your look head to toe? Whether you’re in a haircut rut, bored with everything in your closet, or fear your metallic lipstick is horribly out of fashion,some hair, makeup, and fashion experts have enlisted a few tips and tricks to help update outdated looks. Read on to learn what changes you can make to get on back on track and looking fabulous for the fall.


Signs you need an update: Your hair color is too dark or too "yellow" after years of the same color treatments and/or you have too many colors showing.

How to revamp: "Stylists will tell you that a little bit of root showing is nice, especially if you have auburn hair or are brunette. It gives a nice depth. When three inches of roots are showing or ends are brassy, it’s time to get things cleaned up," says June Ambrose, a fashion stylist who has helped celebs like Zoe Saldana, Kelly Ripa, Mary J. Blige, and Jay Z.

But if you've been dyeing your hair blond for years, your color may be too bright and not flattering. Talk to a hair colorist about dyeing your hair a warmer, golden-y base color, and embracing highlights to bring out an updated, bright look, says Siobhan Benson, a hair stylist at Arrojo Studio in Manhattan. The same goes for younger women who may have dyed their hair dark black and added several strips of bright color. "Sometimes, you need to bring up the length, start over, and add highlights to soften the color," Benson says.

Sign you need an update: You cling to long hair because you think it makes you look younger.

How to revamp: "One of the most common hairstyle mistakes I see on both celebrities and everyday women is overgrown hair," says Jackie Cascarano, creative director at Lock & Mane, a hair products company and website, "Styles that are too long make your locks look unhealthy and ultra fine. Trimming your locks with frequency improves the appearance of your hair by making it look thicker and healthier at the ends." Just look at the popularity of the short bob and pixie haircuts in Hollywood if you're not so sure about a shorter cut, Cascarano says: "Women think long hair will keep them looking younger but the truth is that a well maintained, shorter style" can make you look younger.


Sign you need an update: You’re clueless about what makeup suits you.

How to revamp: "Look for the person at the beauty counter who has the most beatiful makeup application and ask for help," Ambrose says. Moisturizing foundation is great for makeup-illiterate individuals because it’s a simple application and it brightens up the face. When you add a great blush and mascara, it makes a world of difference.

Sign you need an update:
Your mascara is just a lash-darkener. Or (worse!) it has a slightly rancid smell.

How to revamp:
If it has that off-scent, you need to put it out of its misery. But beyond that, it’s time to upgrade to one of the new techy mascaras that not only color your lashes, but bend and lift them. “Every woman should have a great mascara just like they should have a great pair of black stilettos, says New York-based celebrity makeup artist Troy Surratt. "It’s like the period at the end of a sentence. And these new formulas help curl the lashes, which has an instant brightening effect on the eyes.”

Sign you need an update: Your lipstick is a frosty coral or a dark opaque color.

How to revamp: “Rather than opaque, try something fresher, like a sheer pink or peach. In your early 20s you can rock a red lip, but as you mature, switching to a sheer formula or transparent gloss can add a girlish youth,” says Surratt, whose clients include clients include LeAnn Rimes, Piper Perabo, and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz . And if you want more coverage, look for a color that is the same as your lips, but enhances them, he adds.

Sign you need an update:
Raccoon eyes

How to revamp: For bags and dark circles, people used to glop on the concealer under the eyes. The new way is to dab artfully: Surratt likes to dab concealer on the hollowest part of the eye socket, as well as on the lash line on both the upper and lower lids. He says he even dabs a little on the lid itself “to brighten up the whole eye.”

Sign you need an update: Your makeup bag is stuffed with products you don’t use.

How to revamp: Go through it, chuck everything you haven’t used in the last year and restock with 5 or 6 basics that really work, like a great mascara, a concealer that really matches your skin, and a day and evening liptstick. “It's not important to have a ton of products or all of the latest colors, Surratt says. "It's more important to have a few colors and products that really work for you.”


*Wardrobe rehab is the perfect antidote to the untidy mind

Sign you need an update: You haven’t bought a nice pair of shoes in five years.

How to revamp: "The pointy shoes, long square toes, and kitten heels are very dated," Ambrose says. "For women who aren’t used to necessarily walking in heels, it’s all about the built-in platform with a little bit more sturdiness. For those who aren’t used to wearing towering heels but are used to a kitten heel, the support of a platform really helps."

Sign you need an update: You’re sacrificing style for comfort and borrowing from your partner’s closet.

How to revamp: "Aging athletic wear on a woman is definitely a sign of being in a rut. Sporty has become so much more fashionable these days," Ambrose says. "There’s no reason for you to have to wear frumpy workout clothes if you want to be comfortable in a pair of sweats. Look for bootcut sweats and more stylish options."

Sign you need an update: You’re oblivious to what's appropriate and what's not with a trend like leggings.

How to revamp: "I have a thing about leggings, because people take advantage of that trend. Unless you’re a ballerina or you’re Grace Kelly, you should always cover your rear when you wear leggings," Ambrose says. "And tights are not the same as leggings. I see women on the street wearing tights as leggings, and you’re seeing their underwear. It’s completely inappropriate. Leggings can be a great way to look slim and long, so if you have hips, wear a tunic that cuts below and is very flattering."

Sign you need an update: You’re not feeling good about your shape in clothing.

How to revamp: "Women don’t pay much attention to their undergarments, which lose their elasticity over time. You have to replace those things when the wire is poking out the side of the bra and when they start to lose their shape, because an ill shape can cause bubbling and puckering in places you don’t want," Ambrose says. "And when you grow and you realize they aren’t holding your body like they used to, those items will need an upgrade as well. Foundation pieces are going to make you ultimately look better in your clothing, and foundation is key when we’re talking about fit."

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Are Magazine Covers of The September Issues As Real As They Appear To Be? One Fashion Contributor of Reveals All!

*Sourced and edited by Dayana Sobri,
24th August 2010.

Sometimes,what you see really isn't what you're getting........

Size is what really matters for all magazines. Because the marketing budgets are usually bigger in the fall than in the spring, these September issues indicate not only of the health of any particular publications, but the direction of
print media. On the whole, this September is a giant step forward from September ‘09, when GDP was still in the negatives with no end in sight. Now, it’s hard to call it a recovery, as shoppers are still worried about spending on big items. Many luxury brands still depend on margins from China to supplement deficits elsewhere.

This season, it seems that fashion brands have become fiercely competitive, despite the weak economic outlook. Advertisers are spending again. From the perspective of a small and independent magazine, it can be said that glossies, indies, and online publications all are relevant in different ways, which means advertisers need to reach their audience through every avenue.

But back to the glossies. “That’s a lot of looks,” pinpoints one fashion observer,and pointed to the Harper’s Bazaar September issue, which boasts 937 New Looks on one of its Jennifer Aniston covers. “True, but fashion is about choices and I think they’re trying to convey to readers the breadth of what exists each season,” Another observer told her.

However, it's always a wonder how each publication comes up with these numbers. Surely they’re meant to impress readers, particularly those buying magazines from newsstands.

Vogue, Elle and InStyle all touted the total amount of pages their
respective issues: “726 pages of Sumptuous Fall Fashion at Every Price” said Vogue, “562 pages of Must Have Dresses, Jackets and Heels,” revealed Elle, and “600 pages of Fall Fashion’s Best New Trends and How to Wear Them,” boasts InStyle.

Harper’s Bazaar has double covers of Jennifer Aniston with one cover says “937 New Looks,” Marie Claire’s Mary Kate Olsen cover includes “516 New Looks for every Body & Budget,” and
Glamour has “587 Fall Outfits & Ideas” on its Jennifer Lopez cover.

What standards are used to count the total of looks? “Pages are total for issue—and we are fine that our readers look at the ads for ideas. We know from research that in fashion magazines the ads, particularly in the big fashion issues, are important information givers to the reader; they are quite aware it’s an ad. If you look at the signatures it’s obvious it’s total book size we’re referring to,” Robbie Myers, the Editor-in-Chief of Elle, told me via email as she was out-of-town. “Editorial items are hand counted every issue when we use that number. The ‘must have’ line is implied… Which is to say the reader is quite aware that there are also many, many other items that are not mentioned—if we mentioned every item there would be hundreds of words on the cover. This is such standard practice among all in our set; I’ve seen it for the 20 years I’ve been in the business.”

A fashion contributor and her team picked up Glamour, Bazaar and Marie Claire to perform a manual recount to see if they can come up to the number of looks on each magazine’s signature. From the cover signature tag line, she'd have to assume the magazines only count the looks suggested from its editorial pages. Thus, advertising pages do not figure into the counting of looks. Here are the parameters she's using to define a look in the manual recount of Glamour, Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar numbers:

Editorial: each model/celebrity shot on full page counts as one look; Hair, makeup and accessories are part of one look unless alternatives suggestions for hair, makeup and/or bags, jewelry are offered; two models one page count as two looks; each runway photo counts as one look; each still life counts as one look; on Table of Conent pages, each item counts as one look if the item is credited; 10 celebrities on one page counts as 10 looks only if the looks are credited; for beauty each suggestion is a look – on one page, six lipsticks items are six looks if the items are credited.

Here’s the result from three separate counts by a three person team.

Glamour: 335; 319: 334 = average = 329. A difference of 258 from the 587 looks the magazine reported, a 44% difference.

Marie Claire: 349; 341; 360 = average = 350. A difference of from the 516 looks the magazine reported, a 32% difference.

Harper’s Bazaar: 698; 676; 705 = average = 693 A difference of 244 from the 937 looks the magazine reported, a 26% difference.

Perhaps their recount may have missed certain items that the magazines counted in their tabulations.

If it can be recalled correctly, the trend for putting the amount of looks on the cover tag lines is about a decade old. In the fall 2001, Bazaar was among the first high fashion magazines to use a number of looks on its cover–the November 2001 issue boasted “440 New Looks.” While Vogue occasionally used a very modest count of looks–like “93 sensational looks” in October 2002, Vogue’s September issues normally used the total page count instead of look count. But the gold medal goes to Bazaar where the September 2008 has “1,207 New Looks.”

Then again, September 2008 was the last month in the distant memory of a plentiful era.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Trend in Frenzy: Jeggings!

*Sourced and edited by Dayana Sobri,
20th August 2010.

Jeggings: Even Hotter This Fall!

Last spring we experienced the birth of jeggings (jeans + leggings). With the look of denim and the feel of Spandex, this garment revolutionized the skinny jean. Just when we thought our pants couldn't get any tighter, we were proven wrong. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Sienna Miller embraced this look immediately, and we began lusting after their absurdly high-end versions (like Current/Elliot's shocking $389.40 /pair). Now, thanks to a recession-friendly market, there are tons of options (like Walmart's $12 /pair).

Since, like the skinny jean, jeggings draw serious attention to your curves, it's important to create a balance when styling an outfit around them. Artful layers and flattering proportions are key here. Whether your look is edgy, classic, or girly, we've got you covered in our click-to-buy section below. And don't forget to click through our celebrity gallery for some inspiration!

*p/s: Click on the photos if you wish to buy the item!

1. The Edgy Look

Topshop tee, $32.00.
Forever 21 red patent peep toes, $22.80.

2. The Classic Look

Old Navy button-down, $24.50.
Tilly's flat brown buckle boots, $39.99.

3. The Girly Look

Topshop tunic, $28.00.
Miss Me lace pump, $39.95.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Make Your Own Clothing Line!!! (Basic)

*Sourced and edited by Dayana Sobri,
17th August 2010.

Bored with the same 'ol monotonous designs and typical style? Have your own dream to sell your own signature styles and designs and cashing in some extra bucks? Read on to find out how....

Sample Text:
Rack and Roll Clothing Co. has Fun, Funky and Affordable women’s clothing. We have something for everyone! Currently featuring spring dresses, shorts and blouses, fun tees and tanks. Denim of course…and so much more. We have a huge inventory; you’ll fall over from excitement!

*Photo sample of a clothing brand's logo and its advertisement and marketing presentation.

Basic Concept

1.The main idea- First of all,think of the main concept for your clothing line,like what kind of clothing you'd like to produce,its character,theme,target market,and anything you think is neccessary.

2.Branding- Make a brand that's catchy and unique which best suited to your philospohy so that it will be easier to remember and more appealing to the customers.

3.Team work- You'll need skillful people with different specifications to help you along the way.If your start-up cost can afford it,you could buy needed tools and hire your own team of designers,taylors,pattern makers etc.But if your start-up cost is just so-so,get your talented,creative and artistic buddies to join you for your clothing line!

4.Location- Find a strategic spot and make sure you stay within the budget for the rental.For a hotspot with a lot of potential customers walking in and is situated strategically (like Jalan Telawi in Bangsar),the price range for renting a lot can be quite exorbitant.If you can't afford it,try the consignment system instead.Do your survey and walk-in to your preferred boutiques that you think is suitable to carry your clothing line.Or to cut cost,just do your business online and use a free domain such as or you can rent a space at bazaars like Bijou Bazaar ( or The Threads Zoo ( which operate within Kuala Lumpur.The space usually costs about RM50-70 per space.

The 1st Expenses

1.The clothes- Choose a type of fabric (it can be anything from cotton,silk,suede,chiffon etc) that is most suitable and appropriate to the clothings that you're about to make. (For starters it's best to make around 2 dozens for each designs)

2.Design- Make sure your design matches with your idea and target market and make sure that they're satisfactory to the customers' needs.

3.Label- Your label will be your brand's 'representative' and it must contain your logo,sizings,and any important info about your brand.

4.Price tag- The tag is for product info such as your brand's name and the garments' prices.

5.Rent and renovation- The price ranges, depending on location and the interior design that you wanted.

6.Tools- Tools such as sewing machine,printer etc.For starters just hire someone that you can afford but doesnt' cost as much and the craftsmanship is of excellent quality.


1.Public announcement- Advertise your clothing line in magazines or newspapers if you have extra money,or on Facebook and any other online sites for much cheaper and faster way.Make great connections so that your brand will be more well-known.Name-dropping your brand while meeting people is fine,too.

2.Brochure- Give your clothing line's brochures and stickers while attending any events and to your selected consignment stores.

3.Internet- Take advantage of the advanced technology and build a website and a Facebook business page/account and advertise like crazy to your friends,friends of friends,relatives,strangers and anyone you can think of! (But make sure you're being subtle and not stalking)

4.Endorsement- Know any band members who's active in performing at events and such? Ask them to wear your stuff while performing and having gigs.If their fans sees their idol wearing something that they noticed and liked,who knows?You'll get loads of customers.

The Strategy

1.Research- Do a survey to shops and malls and figure out what kind of product that is most in demand and in trend at the moment and observe the customer's behaviour.You can also subscribe to fashion magazines,browse thru the net and visit fashion events and exhibitions to further expand your clothing line business.

2.Unique selling point- Products to be sold should have a quality standard and uniqueness so that it can compete strongly with other established brands.

3.Be creative- Always innovate and renew your product.Don't get to the point where your customers get bored and moved on just because your brand doesn't have any new and exciting stuff.

4.Questionnaire- Spread a questionaire to find out more about what's in trend and what kind of products the customers are looking for and need.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Adorable Fashion Site to Explore: Poupee Girl

*By Dayana Sobri,
16th August 2010.

For the fashionable girls,create your real closet and dress up your Poupee.....


Ok,so this game has been around for quite awhile now,and they're available on Nintendo DS.But for those of you who have never heard of Poupee Girl,this is such a girly,interactive and fashionable game to play!You can play for free on their official site, or you can play the game on Facebook.This is a great game and 'training' for budding fashion entrepreneur who's dreaming of opening their own fashion boutique and business and also for those who dreamt of becoming a fashion stylist.You can mix and match the clothes available on Poupee Girl and play dress up or you can even upload photos of your own clothes and have other players on Poupee Girl comment on it and have an interactive discussions! And the whole uploading process only takes about 3 minutes.Not to mention that you can open up your own shop and be your own boss in Poupee Girl while having to decorate your shop,get some furnitures and decorations and stocking up your fashion items to be sold.This game really is a great way of testing your styling and fashion buying skills.

Poupée Girl (プーペガール, pūpegāru), stylized as poupéegirl, is a Japan-based avatar and fashion community where users can dress up their avatar and earn the website's currency,ribbons, to buy more clothing and keep track of the latest fashion with the Fashion Dictionary. The name is a portmanteau of the French word "poupée", meaning "doll", and the English word "girl." As of 2009, there were about 500,000 registered users, with 98% being women and 35% living outside of Japan.



The currency of the game is "ribbons", which can be earned by completing various tasks, including posting fashion items and commenting on other user's photos. These ribbons can be used to buy clothing for avatars. In 2009, the website implemented a new currency, "jewels", a pay-to-play system where some users are able to access clothing items for their avatar that non-paying users cannot.


Users can post photos of clothing and accessories and create a virtual closet, which other users of the website can view and comment. Fashion items can be categorized according to brand name (listed under the brand name in the Fashion Dictionary) and type. Every item has a yellow "Suteki" (or "Cute") button. If a user gets many suteki rankings or comments, he or she is eligible to win ribbons.


What are you waiting for? Start playing now and be inspired by their quirky clothes and styles!To know more about the game,check out their official site,available in both English and Japanese versions.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Garmento Lingo: Know The Fashion Terminologies (Part 1)

*By Dayana Sobri,
13th August 2010.

Always wondering about the meaning behind words oftenly used in the fashion industry? Read on.....

Jewels And Sexy Lips 08

  1. Fashion Forward- A person more fashionable than most.
  2. Paisley- A classic,rounded,swirling,and highly detailed pattern.
  3. Silhouette- Edges or outline of a garment,also,the model or style.
  4. Buyer- Retail store employee responsible for purchasing the right merchandise,usually for only one or two departments,for the customers.
  5. Fashion Office- Store's fashion director and staff.
  6. Trunk Shows- Store events in which a designer or wholesaler will bring an entire collection to show to preferred customers.
  7. CAD- Computer-aided design.Process of designing garments,prints,and patterns on a computer screen.
  8. Wholesale- The level of company in the supply chain that produces or contracts for merchandise,which it then sells to retail stores.
  9. Manufacturing- The actual production of garments.
  10. Flat patternmaking- Drawing pattern pieces on a flat table.
  11. Garment Construction- The assembly of a garment;also,the level of quality detail that is included in the garment.
  12. Fabric construction- Technicalities of thread,yarn size,and machinery used to produce a specific fabric.
  13. Showroom Sales- A wholesale sales position based in a showroom (usually New York) to show the line to retailers who visit.
  14. Comission- Percentage of the cost price that a wholesaler gives to the salesperson as payment for having sold merchandise to a retail store.
  15. Buying Office- An association of retail stores;used to share and provide several different services to the member stores.
  16. Sketching- Drawing fashion figures or technical renderings of garments.
  17. Presentation Boards- Visual aids such as pictures,drawings,and swatches mounted on foam-core boards to help illustrate a concept or a line.
  18. MAC Illustrator- Artist who works on Apple MAC equipment,preparing graphics or illustrations.
  19. Hangtags- Small paper tags that are attached to garments to communicate information to customers.
  20. Product Development- Creating a garment from start to finish.Done by wholesalers and private label staff.

To be continued in Part 2.........

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fashion & Style Talk: Q&A With Louise Roe From The City

*Sourced and edited by Dayana Sobri,
11th August 2010.

If you were bummed that City alum Louise Roe and her cheery British disposition didn’t stick around to oust Olivia Polermo as the face of, you should check out her new show Plain Jane. You might have missed the premiere of her new CW reality show Plain Jane due to premiere-hype over another certain fashion, but it’s worth checking out. It’s a fashion reality show that’s fun to watch not because it’s bitchy or insidery but because the “Plain Janes” are compelling and relatable and Roe transforms them with charm and a healthy sense of humor.

The rising fashion TV star talks about why she took on this project and ditched the City.

How do you set yourself apart from all the other outsized fashion personalities on TV (Rachel Zoe, Kelly Cutrone, Stacy London, Heidi Klum etc.,)?
Louise Roe: I don’t really think about setting myself apart to be honest – all those people you mention are brilliant, they have their own style, and I guess I also have mine. I suppose the English accent and sense of humor is a bit different.

Fashion is often depicted on TV as a cutthroat and even mean world but your show is all about the power of fashion for good. What made you want to take on this sort of show?
Exactly that. This is a very real show, with no script, no wannabe reality stars and a huge heart about it. I made it very clear I cared about each and every girl, we chatted and hung out both on and off camera.

We got to know you a bit on The City–what’s your fashion background?
I started out in magazines – my first job was an intern at UK Elle. I’ve written for In Style, Glamour, – I still write a column for MSN news called Front Roe.

Speaking of The City…what was that experience like? Were you really competing with Olivia? Is this show the reason you went to LA?
It was awesome fun! A great group of people. I go to New York a lot for work so it was brilliant to do some extra bits for during fashion week. I got on well with Olivia but yes, the reason I came back to LA was for Plain Jane.

What are the best pieces of advice you offer these “Plain Janes”?
Don’t ever think you need to change yourself. My ethos is use and tweak what you’ve got, add some fab fashion and make-up into the mix and most of all, believe in yourself a little more. Women fear rejection from guys so much it can stop them going for what they want, but nothing ventured…nothing gained.

When you’re shopping for yourself and not Plain Janes–what do you like to wear?
Bright high heels! I love a bargain, but shoes are where I’ll spend my money. I also can’t go out without giant cocktail rings on each index finger.

Which celebrity would you love to make over?
Probably Angelina Jolie. I’d love to see her in bright colors. She goes from long skirts and flip-flops in the day, to vampy leather dresses on the red carpet. I feel like she needs a middle ground.

Fun Fashion News: Zara VS Proenza Schouler

*Sourced and edited by Dayana Sobri,
11th August 2010.

Copycat cattyness: Zara's Interpretation of Proenza Schouler's PS1.

A Domenican Republic fashion lover sent this photo to Fashionista and he calls it “a veeeery poor and cheap immitation of Proenza Schouler’s PS1.” Indeed, the “leather” looks plastic-y and the black part appears to be canvas.

Many fashion lovers love the PS1, because it’s an “It bag,”, but it’s so simple and understated that it lacks the annoying fad aspect of most It bags that came before it. Still, lots of celebrities carry it around, so it's not surprising to see someone like Zara would decide to create something similar. Not a very impressive knock-off of the Olsen favorite. However, at least the buckles and colorways are slightly different from the original, unlike Navoh’s knock-off, which was more of a straight-up copy and just as cheap-looking.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Fashion & Style Advice: Finding Your Personal Style

*By Dayana Sobri,
9th August 2010.

Finding your personal style equals to self-discovery...........


*The classy chic look.

Finding your own true identity is hard enough, what more developing your own sense of style. We get very confused as to what we should wear in order to look presentable yet comfortable enough for the clothes that we're wearing to reflect our own sense of self and style. Nobody wants to look silly, much less a fashion victim, except maybe a clown. Looking good and feeling good is all about putting an absolute tremendous effort. After all Taj Mahal wasn't built in a day.

The famous fashion designer, Tracy Reese, once said, "Be confident in your clothes and wear what you feel best in. If you're not comfortable in what you're wearing, it will show." This is so true and fashionista wannabes should take note. Everything that you wear reveals a lot about the person that you are and clothes usually don't lie.

Defining your own personal style sure isn't easy. But look on the brighter side. At least you have the chance to discover a lot about yourself, and that fashion and style is all about having fun and looking good, if done properly. What you should do when you're trying to figure out what styles suit you best is to know your body type and size and what makes you look good and what doesn't and fits you the best. Then go get some inspiration and be inspired by browsing through photos of your favourite celebrities or an admirable role model and try to emulate(don't copy 100%)the look into your own and make a lookbook of all the styles that you like best.

Get familiar with the numerous types of fabrics and its stretchability in order to make sure whether the fabric will wrap and cling around your body fittingly. Certain fabrics only look good on certain body types so choose your fabrics wisely. Then consider your characteristics. What is it about you that can be defined as your personal style? It can be your age, your lifestyle, attitude, profession, or even hobbies. They all play an important part in defining your personal style.


If you're free-spirited and consider yourself a hippie, go for the bohemian look (think of Nicole Richie, she dons this look effortlessly).This look mainly consist of headband, long flowy maxi dress, a pair of gladiator sandals, chunky metal/gold accessories, cocktail rings, and hobo bag. If you're a career-oriented and a corporate climber, opt for a more conservative yet stylish and professional look (take a leaf out of US's First Lady, Michelle Obama. She's always put together in designer garbs yet maintaining her professionalism).This look usually consist of fitted blazer, pinstripe collar blouse (though other prints and patterns are also acceptable, depending on your line of work),a pair of long pants, skirt (not too short, you don't want to look tacky),and a pair of pumps along with a briefcase to match the serious look.

There are hundreds and more styles to choose from. The styles mentioned just now are to give you a brief look of how a style is defined by personality trait and lifestyle. Make your choices properly, or you'll end up a fashion victim. Never give up on the journey of self discovery and style.

*The high-street glam look.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

How To Guides: Stress-Free Shopping Tips

*By Dayana Sobri,
8th August 2010.

Shopping is a fun retail therapy, NOT a trip to the counselor therapy........

funny  cartoons

Most of us get stressed out when it comes to shopping, be it grocery shopping or clothes shopping. But it doesn't have to take a rocket scientist to figure out the calculation of a good shopping. You simply just have to be more rational and take every little detail into account. Before you do your clothes shopping, always consider these points firsthand:

  • Do you really want to shop there? Is it hassle-free?
  • Ease of access: Is it too far away?
  • Will the traffic add to the travel time and cut away your precious time?
  • Is it too time-consuming?
  • Convenient hours? (Shop opens very early and closes very late)
  • 6. Convenient parking? (Parking lot is accessible, reasonable rate and located strategically)
  • Safe area? (24 hour security, in a public place with a lot of other people)
  • Good selection? (A one-stop store/mall with everything you need at the same place)
  • Good fitting rooms and lighting?
  • Helpful and friendly staff?
  • Liberal return policy?
  • Amenities such as free alterations, cafe, valet?
  • Does the store keep you apprised about events, sales and new arrivals?
  • Have you made your shopping list? (Separate wants from needs)
  • Have you consider your shopping budget?
  • Will it be cash or credit while shopping?

Only when you have considered all of these points will you be able to go shopping fuss-free. Shopping should not be a stressful moments, you should make it a happy and fun time to do some retail therapy and releasing your tension. A lot of us makes mistake by adding pressure to ourselves when it comes to shopping. Now during your clothes shopping, make sure you:

  • Wear comfortable shoes, as you will be doing a considerable amount of walking and standing.
  • Carry a bottle of water and a light snack, gum or mints with you in case you get tired.
  • Wear comfortable underwear (not too tight, not too loose. This will play a huge role when you're trying on clothes)
  • Don't wear anything that restricted your movement.
  • Have done your shopping list and know what you're looking for and need.
  • Made your budget and stick to it. (so you won't overspend and buy unnecessary stuff)
  • Carry enough cash with you (to avoid humiliation when you're paying at the counter)
  • Carry ATM card along with you (in case you're short on cash)
  • Credit card (ONLY when emergency occurs)

It's not all that confusing to do some shopping when you've got everything sorted out. But what about shopping online? Is it the same as going shopping on your both feet? Always consider these tips when you're doing some online clothes shopping:

  • When choosing items online remember to stay within the budget and look for items that are in your seasonal colour and body shape.
  • Make sure you complete the order form and payment process (keep it secure)
  • Make sure the online store you're shopping at has a liberal return policy (in case there's a damage on the items purchased or they'd sent a wrong one and you're not satisfied with the item or service)
  • Make sure the online store is a legit and legal company with a secure customer service (you don't want yourself to be ripped off)

Be sure to record all of your purchases. Keep careful records of your purchases and keep track with your spending every time you went shopping. Be wise on your finance and be a smart-shopper.

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