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Fashion&Beauty Makeover: How To Revamp Your Style From Head To Toe

*Sourced and edited by Dayana Sobri,
26th August 2010.

With the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival and the festive season around the corner,what better time to give your precious self a lil' pampering and splurging!


Thinkstock: Tips for updating an outdated hairstyle.

*Thinkstock: Tips for updating an outdated hairstyle.

With the changing of temperatures,the arrival of Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival until September 16th and the Raya celebration around the corner, what better time to assess your own appearance and revamp your look head to toe? Whether you’re in a haircut rut, bored with everything in your closet, or fear your metallic lipstick is horribly out of fashion,some hair, makeup, and fashion experts have enlisted a few tips and tricks to help update outdated looks. Read on to learn what changes you can make to get on back on track and looking fabulous for the fall.


Signs you need an update: Your hair color is too dark or too "yellow" after years of the same color treatments and/or you have too many colors showing.

How to revamp: "Stylists will tell you that a little bit of root showing is nice, especially if you have auburn hair or are brunette. It gives a nice depth. When three inches of roots are showing or ends are brassy, it’s time to get things cleaned up," says June Ambrose, a fashion stylist who has helped celebs like Zoe Saldana, Kelly Ripa, Mary J. Blige, and Jay Z.

But if you've been dyeing your hair blond for years, your color may be too bright and not flattering. Talk to a hair colorist about dyeing your hair a warmer, golden-y base color, and embracing highlights to bring out an updated, bright look, says Siobhan Benson, a hair stylist at Arrojo Studio in Manhattan. The same goes for younger women who may have dyed their hair dark black and added several strips of bright color. "Sometimes, you need to bring up the length, start over, and add highlights to soften the color," Benson says.

Sign you need an update: You cling to long hair because you think it makes you look younger.

How to revamp: "One of the most common hairstyle mistakes I see on both celebrities and everyday women is overgrown hair," says Jackie Cascarano, creative director at Lock & Mane, a hair products company and website, "Styles that are too long make your locks look unhealthy and ultra fine. Trimming your locks with frequency improves the appearance of your hair by making it look thicker and healthier at the ends." Just look at the popularity of the short bob and pixie haircuts in Hollywood if you're not so sure about a shorter cut, Cascarano says: "Women think long hair will keep them looking younger but the truth is that a well maintained, shorter style" can make you look younger.


Sign you need an update: You’re clueless about what makeup suits you.

How to revamp: "Look for the person at the beauty counter who has the most beatiful makeup application and ask for help," Ambrose says. Moisturizing foundation is great for makeup-illiterate individuals because it’s a simple application and it brightens up the face. When you add a great blush and mascara, it makes a world of difference.

Sign you need an update:
Your mascara is just a lash-darkener. Or (worse!) it has a slightly rancid smell.

How to revamp:
If it has that off-scent, you need to put it out of its misery. But beyond that, it’s time to upgrade to one of the new techy mascaras that not only color your lashes, but bend and lift them. “Every woman should have a great mascara just like they should have a great pair of black stilettos, says New York-based celebrity makeup artist Troy Surratt. "It’s like the period at the end of a sentence. And these new formulas help curl the lashes, which has an instant brightening effect on the eyes.”

Sign you need an update: Your lipstick is a frosty coral or a dark opaque color.

How to revamp: “Rather than opaque, try something fresher, like a sheer pink or peach. In your early 20s you can rock a red lip, but as you mature, switching to a sheer formula or transparent gloss can add a girlish youth,” says Surratt, whose clients include clients include LeAnn Rimes, Piper Perabo, and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz . And if you want more coverage, look for a color that is the same as your lips, but enhances them, he adds.

Sign you need an update:
Raccoon eyes

How to revamp: For bags and dark circles, people used to glop on the concealer under the eyes. The new way is to dab artfully: Surratt likes to dab concealer on the hollowest part of the eye socket, as well as on the lash line on both the upper and lower lids. He says he even dabs a little on the lid itself “to brighten up the whole eye.”

Sign you need an update: Your makeup bag is stuffed with products you don’t use.

How to revamp: Go through it, chuck everything you haven’t used in the last year and restock with 5 or 6 basics that really work, like a great mascara, a concealer that really matches your skin, and a day and evening liptstick. “It's not important to have a ton of products or all of the latest colors, Surratt says. "It's more important to have a few colors and products that really work for you.”


*Wardrobe rehab is the perfect antidote to the untidy mind

Sign you need an update: You haven’t bought a nice pair of shoes in five years.

How to revamp: "The pointy shoes, long square toes, and kitten heels are very dated," Ambrose says. "For women who aren’t used to necessarily walking in heels, it’s all about the built-in platform with a little bit more sturdiness. For those who aren’t used to wearing towering heels but are used to a kitten heel, the support of a platform really helps."

Sign you need an update: You’re sacrificing style for comfort and borrowing from your partner’s closet.

How to revamp: "Aging athletic wear on a woman is definitely a sign of being in a rut. Sporty has become so much more fashionable these days," Ambrose says. "There’s no reason for you to have to wear frumpy workout clothes if you want to be comfortable in a pair of sweats. Look for bootcut sweats and more stylish options."

Sign you need an update: You’re oblivious to what's appropriate and what's not with a trend like leggings.

How to revamp: "I have a thing about leggings, because people take advantage of that trend. Unless you’re a ballerina or you’re Grace Kelly, you should always cover your rear when you wear leggings," Ambrose says. "And tights are not the same as leggings. I see women on the street wearing tights as leggings, and you’re seeing their underwear. It’s completely inappropriate. Leggings can be a great way to look slim and long, so if you have hips, wear a tunic that cuts below and is very flattering."

Sign you need an update: You’re not feeling good about your shape in clothing.

How to revamp: "Women don’t pay much attention to their undergarments, which lose their elasticity over time. You have to replace those things when the wire is poking out the side of the bra and when they start to lose their shape, because an ill shape can cause bubbling and puckering in places you don’t want," Ambrose says. "And when you grow and you realize they aren’t holding your body like they used to, those items will need an upgrade as well. Foundation pieces are going to make you ultimately look better in your clothing, and foundation is key when we’re talking about fit."

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