Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fashion & Style Talk: Q&A With Louise Roe From The City

*Sourced and edited by Dayana Sobri,
11th August 2010.

If you were bummed that City alum Louise Roe and her cheery British disposition didn’t stick around to oust Olivia Polermo as the face of, you should check out her new show Plain Jane. You might have missed the premiere of her new CW reality show Plain Jane due to premiere-hype over another certain fashion, but it’s worth checking out. It’s a fashion reality show that’s fun to watch not because it’s bitchy or insidery but because the “Plain Janes” are compelling and relatable and Roe transforms them with charm and a healthy sense of humor.

The rising fashion TV star talks about why she took on this project and ditched the City.

How do you set yourself apart from all the other outsized fashion personalities on TV (Rachel Zoe, Kelly Cutrone, Stacy London, Heidi Klum etc.,)?
Louise Roe: I don’t really think about setting myself apart to be honest – all those people you mention are brilliant, they have their own style, and I guess I also have mine. I suppose the English accent and sense of humor is a bit different.

Fashion is often depicted on TV as a cutthroat and even mean world but your show is all about the power of fashion for good. What made you want to take on this sort of show?
Exactly that. This is a very real show, with no script, no wannabe reality stars and a huge heart about it. I made it very clear I cared about each and every girl, we chatted and hung out both on and off camera.

We got to know you a bit on The City–what’s your fashion background?
I started out in magazines – my first job was an intern at UK Elle. I’ve written for In Style, Glamour, – I still write a column for MSN news called Front Roe.

Speaking of The City…what was that experience like? Were you really competing with Olivia? Is this show the reason you went to LA?
It was awesome fun! A great group of people. I go to New York a lot for work so it was brilliant to do some extra bits for during fashion week. I got on well with Olivia but yes, the reason I came back to LA was for Plain Jane.

What are the best pieces of advice you offer these “Plain Janes”?
Don’t ever think you need to change yourself. My ethos is use and tweak what you’ve got, add some fab fashion and make-up into the mix and most of all, believe in yourself a little more. Women fear rejection from guys so much it can stop them going for what they want, but nothing ventured…nothing gained.

When you’re shopping for yourself and not Plain Janes–what do you like to wear?
Bright high heels! I love a bargain, but shoes are where I’ll spend my money. I also can’t go out without giant cocktail rings on each index finger.

Which celebrity would you love to make over?
Probably Angelina Jolie. I’d love to see her in bright colors. She goes from long skirts and flip-flops in the day, to vampy leather dresses on the red carpet. I feel like she needs a middle ground.

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