Friday, August 13, 2010

Garmento Lingo: Know The Fashion Terminologies (Part 1)

*By Dayana Sobri,
13th August 2010.

Always wondering about the meaning behind words oftenly used in the fashion industry? Read on.....

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  1. Fashion Forward- A person more fashionable than most.
  2. Paisley- A classic,rounded,swirling,and highly detailed pattern.
  3. Silhouette- Edges or outline of a garment,also,the model or style.
  4. Buyer- Retail store employee responsible for purchasing the right merchandise,usually for only one or two departments,for the customers.
  5. Fashion Office- Store's fashion director and staff.
  6. Trunk Shows- Store events in which a designer or wholesaler will bring an entire collection to show to preferred customers.
  7. CAD- Computer-aided design.Process of designing garments,prints,and patterns on a computer screen.
  8. Wholesale- The level of company in the supply chain that produces or contracts for merchandise,which it then sells to retail stores.
  9. Manufacturing- The actual production of garments.
  10. Flat patternmaking- Drawing pattern pieces on a flat table.
  11. Garment Construction- The assembly of a garment;also,the level of quality detail that is included in the garment.
  12. Fabric construction- Technicalities of thread,yarn size,and machinery used to produce a specific fabric.
  13. Showroom Sales- A wholesale sales position based in a showroom (usually New York) to show the line to retailers who visit.
  14. Comission- Percentage of the cost price that a wholesaler gives to the salesperson as payment for having sold merchandise to a retail store.
  15. Buying Office- An association of retail stores;used to share and provide several different services to the member stores.
  16. Sketching- Drawing fashion figures or technical renderings of garments.
  17. Presentation Boards- Visual aids such as pictures,drawings,and swatches mounted on foam-core boards to help illustrate a concept or a line.
  18. MAC Illustrator- Artist who works on Apple MAC equipment,preparing graphics or illustrations.
  19. Hangtags- Small paper tags that are attached to garments to communicate information to customers.
  20. Product Development- Creating a garment from start to finish.Done by wholesalers and private label staff.

To be continued in Part 2.........

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