Thursday, August 5, 2010

Local Fashion Bazaar Update: The Threads Zoo's BazaRaya at Rasta TTDI!!!

*By Dayana Sobri,
5th August 2010.

You better shop 'till you drop this raya season,or you don't shop at all!

Ahoy there,shopaholics!!! The raya season has finally dawn upon us again.Of course with the arrival of this long-awaited festivity,everyone is up on the game of decorating and styling.What better way to shop than at the cheap and affordable flea markets and bazaars mushrooming around our big city Kuala Lumpur?Since we're still in our recessionista mode,I figure there'd be no harm in indulging in some retail therapy session,at NO additional cost!You can even bargain all the way to a very lower price if you've got talent in negotiation.Expect to see fashionable and stylish clothes,all sourced from mostly Asian countries,and also other miscellaneous goodies for personal use and decorations!

If you're a blogshop owner or are dying to throw away all of your unwanted stuff and 2nd hand goodies(one man's trash is another man's treasure)you can apply to TheThreadsZoo at to be one of their vendors.You can sell almost everything,except offensive and sensitive stuff (you get the drill....wink wink).Prices for space rental may vary according to how many days you're vendoring (1 day is RM70).Send them an email for more info and to take part in this holy gathering!

P/s: For non-Malaysians,'Raya' or 'Hari Raya Aidlifitri' is a Malay term for Eid ul-Fitr,festival of the breaking of the fast.It's a Muslim celebration,but in Malaysia the festival is also being celebrated by the non-Muslims,on several occasion.

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