Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Make Your Own Clothing Line!!! (Basic)

*Sourced and edited by Dayana Sobri,
17th August 2010.

Bored with the same 'ol monotonous designs and typical style? Have your own dream to sell your own signature styles and designs and cashing in some extra bucks? Read on to find out how....

Sample Text:
Rack and Roll Clothing Co. has Fun, Funky and Affordable women’s clothing. We have something for everyone! Currently featuring spring dresses, shorts and blouses, fun tees and tanks. Denim of course…and so much more. We have a huge inventory; you’ll fall over from excitement!

*Photo sample of a clothing brand's logo and its advertisement and marketing presentation.

Basic Concept

1.The main idea- First of all,think of the main concept for your clothing line,like what kind of clothing you'd like to produce,its character,theme,target market,and anything you think is neccessary.

2.Branding- Make a brand that's catchy and unique which best suited to your philospohy so that it will be easier to remember and more appealing to the customers.

3.Team work- You'll need skillful people with different specifications to help you along the way.If your start-up cost can afford it,you could buy needed tools and hire your own team of designers,taylors,pattern makers etc.But if your start-up cost is just so-so,get your talented,creative and artistic buddies to join you for your clothing line!

4.Location- Find a strategic spot and make sure you stay within the budget for the rental.For a hotspot with a lot of potential customers walking in and is situated strategically (like Jalan Telawi in Bangsar),the price range for renting a lot can be quite exorbitant.If you can't afford it,try the consignment system instead.Do your survey and walk-in to your preferred boutiques that you think is suitable to carry your clothing line.Or to cut cost,just do your business online and use a free domain such as Blogger.com or you can rent a space at bazaars like Bijou Bazaar (http://bijoubazaar.blogspot.com/) or The Threads Zoo (http://thethreadszoo.blogspot.com/) which operate within Kuala Lumpur.The space usually costs about RM50-70 per space.

The 1st Expenses

1.The clothes- Choose a type of fabric (it can be anything from cotton,silk,suede,chiffon etc) that is most suitable and appropriate to the clothings that you're about to make. (For starters it's best to make around 2 dozens for each designs)

2.Design- Make sure your design matches with your idea and target market and make sure that they're satisfactory to the customers' needs.

3.Label- Your label will be your brand's 'representative' and it must contain your logo,sizings,and any important info about your brand.

4.Price tag- The tag is for product info such as your brand's name and the garments' prices.

5.Rent and renovation- The price ranges, depending on location and the interior design that you wanted.

6.Tools- Tools such as sewing machine,printer etc.For starters just hire someone that you can afford but doesnt' cost as much and the craftsmanship is of excellent quality.


1.Public announcement- Advertise your clothing line in magazines or newspapers if you have extra money,or on Facebook and any other online sites for much cheaper and faster way.Make great connections so that your brand will be more well-known.Name-dropping your brand while meeting people is fine,too.

2.Brochure- Give your clothing line's brochures and stickers while attending any events and to your selected consignment stores.

3.Internet- Take advantage of the advanced technology and build a website and a Facebook business page/account and advertise like crazy to your friends,friends of friends,relatives,strangers and anyone you can think of! (But make sure you're being subtle and not stalking)

4.Endorsement- Know any band members who's active in performing at events and such? Ask them to wear your stuff while performing and having gigs.If their fans sees their idol wearing something that they noticed and liked,who knows?You'll get loads of customers.

The Strategy

1.Research- Do a survey to shops and malls and figure out what kind of product that is most in demand and in trend at the moment and observe the customer's behaviour.You can also subscribe to fashion magazines,browse thru the net and visit fashion events and exhibitions to further expand your clothing line business.

2.Unique selling point- Products to be sold should have a quality standard and uniqueness so that it can compete strongly with other established brands.

3.Be creative- Always innovate and renew your product.Don't get to the point where your customers get bored and moved on just because your brand doesn't have any new and exciting stuff.

4.Questionnaire- Spread a questionaire to find out more about what's in trend and what kind of products the customers are looking for and need.

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