Monday, August 9, 2010

Fashion & Style Advice: Finding Your Personal Style

*By Dayana Sobri,
9th August 2010.

Finding your personal style equals to self-discovery...........


*The classy chic look.

Finding your own true identity is hard enough, what more developing your own sense of style. We get very confused as to what we should wear in order to look presentable yet comfortable enough for the clothes that we're wearing to reflect our own sense of self and style. Nobody wants to look silly, much less a fashion victim, except maybe a clown. Looking good and feeling good is all about putting an absolute tremendous effort. After all Taj Mahal wasn't built in a day.

The famous fashion designer, Tracy Reese, once said, "Be confident in your clothes and wear what you feel best in. If you're not comfortable in what you're wearing, it will show." This is so true and fashionista wannabes should take note. Everything that you wear reveals a lot about the person that you are and clothes usually don't lie.

Defining your own personal style sure isn't easy. But look on the brighter side. At least you have the chance to discover a lot about yourself, and that fashion and style is all about having fun and looking good, if done properly. What you should do when you're trying to figure out what styles suit you best is to know your body type and size and what makes you look good and what doesn't and fits you the best. Then go get some inspiration and be inspired by browsing through photos of your favourite celebrities or an admirable role model and try to emulate(don't copy 100%)the look into your own and make a lookbook of all the styles that you like best.

Get familiar with the numerous types of fabrics and its stretchability in order to make sure whether the fabric will wrap and cling around your body fittingly. Certain fabrics only look good on certain body types so choose your fabrics wisely. Then consider your characteristics. What is it about you that can be defined as your personal style? It can be your age, your lifestyle, attitude, profession, or even hobbies. They all play an important part in defining your personal style.


If you're free-spirited and consider yourself a hippie, go for the bohemian look (think of Nicole Richie, she dons this look effortlessly).This look mainly consist of headband, long flowy maxi dress, a pair of gladiator sandals, chunky metal/gold accessories, cocktail rings, and hobo bag. If you're a career-oriented and a corporate climber, opt for a more conservative yet stylish and professional look (take a leaf out of US's First Lady, Michelle Obama. She's always put together in designer garbs yet maintaining her professionalism).This look usually consist of fitted blazer, pinstripe collar blouse (though other prints and patterns are also acceptable, depending on your line of work),a pair of long pants, skirt (not too short, you don't want to look tacky),and a pair of pumps along with a briefcase to match the serious look.

There are hundreds and more styles to choose from. The styles mentioned just now are to give you a brief look of how a style is defined by personality trait and lifestyle. Make your choices properly, or you'll end up a fashion victim. Never give up on the journey of self discovery and style.

*The high-street glam look.

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