Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shop Style: How To Look Like Mary-Kate Olsen

*By Dayana Sobri,
2nd September 2010.

Marie Claire's September cover girl is inspiring a little weekend online shopping. Check out these 10 pieces to start channeling her look......

Shopping For - Mary-Kate Olsen

What fashionistas and fashionholics in this world who doesn't like Mary-Kate Olsen's quirky style?After all Mary-Kate Olsen is one of a few celebs who has got her own individual style sorted out,and no one else can pull the chic-frumpy-quirky look with grace and dignity quite like Miss Olsen herself.Not only that,after her career as an actress and went to NYU for further education,she moved on to be one of the fashion industry's most important icons,having her coffee table book published (alongside Ashley,Influence),launched clothing lines (The Row,Elizabeth&James,Olsenboye),and attending fashion events and sitting front-rows while rubbing shoulders with the most famous and fabulous.

The Essential Items For Mary-Kate Olsen's Look

1. Studded convertible handbag
2.Studded waist belt
3.Rectangular sunglasses
4.Flowy/oversized tunic
5.Black bangle set
6.Pop-out colour (preferably red)bangle
7.Platform snap booties
8.Skull print scarf
9&10.Silver rings

If these are not enough and you're too lazy scouring the racks and hit the shops,why not just shop for their clothing labels online? You'll definitely achieve the look better! Visit (Olsenboye), (The Row), and (Elizabeth&James).

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