Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shopping Guide: What Department Store Salespeople Won't Tell You

*Sourced and edited by Dayana Sobri,
29th September 2010.

Want in on some industry secrets some editors have learned from years of experience as salespeople in major department stores? Here’s your inside look at 17 popular store policies and procedures from behind employee doors that employees are not allowed—or inclined—to share with shoppers!

1. No More Panty Raids, Please

We spent an hour folding that panty table. Please don’t pull out every single pair to see if it’s your size. We likely have drawers below the table or hanging displays elsewhere where you can find your size. If you simply must touch the display, please leave it the way you found it if you want to stay on our good sides.

2. Remember, You’re Not at Home

Ask for help instead of climbing a ladder or using any stick-like object you can find to grab something out of reach. We’d like to avoid injury and a lawsuit, as well as have the opportunity to assist you.

3. Calm Your Kids

Your screaming children are giving us a headache! We can’t leave the floor if we’re annoyed with your child, so do us a favor and take a timeout in one of our convenient and accommodating Mother’s Rooms, where you can calm your child down in peace and privacy.

4. Don’t Ask, Won’t Tell

We won’t tell you when we’re working on commission, so when you ask us if your butt looks fat in those jeans, we will respond as a salesperson, not your BFF. Trust your gut and if you think you look bad even if we say you don’t, keep looking.

5. Ask and You Shall Receive
We can help you shop in different departments than the one you found us in. Just ask!

6. Modesty is the Best Policy

We don’t want to see you naked. Sure, it’s an understood job hazard working in the swimsuit or lingerie department, but please try not to flash us inside your changing room.

7. Excuse Yourself, If Necessary

We notice when you pass gas in the fitting room and then leave. It’s gross. Don’t do it. We have to spend up to eight hours in there after you leave. Also, our changing rooms are not your own personal trashcans. Bring trash out with you, or hand it to us to dispose of.

8. Size Matters to Us, Too

If our store doesn’t have your size in stock, we can call another store for you. Just ask us politely!

9. Kindness Begets Kindness
If you’re making a scene because we don’t have what you want on the floor, we might go into the back, wait a couple minutes, and come out to tell you we don’t have it there either without ever looking for it.

10. Skip the Line if You Want
You can bring your items to another department if my line is too long.

11. Don’t Phone Home

Hang up your cell phone if you expect good—or any—service.

12. Say No to Stains
We can send a stained item to our alterations department to see if it comes out before you buy it.

13. See if the Price is Right
If you’ve seen the same item sold at a cheaper price somewhere else, we can lower our price to match it. You’ll have to speak to our manager, but it’s worth a shot to get a better deal!

14. Try to Get a DiscountPolitely
Sometimes, we can give you a discount on damaged goods, as long as you catch us in a good mood and you’re asking nicely.

15. Just Say No to Credit

Say no to our credit card pitches if you know you won’t pay off the bill each month. Yes, we have a quota to meet, but our store cards might not have the best interest rates around.

16. Humor Us and You Might Score
We can ship your items to you for free if we’re feeling generous and you’ve been pleasant to serve. At certain stores, we’ll even hand carry your purchase to you if you need it ASAP. Similarly, if you’re shopping far away from home and don’t want to lug your items back with you, we can sometimes ship them to your final destination.

17. Wear if You Dare
We’ve seen that shirt tried on a million times, we’ve scrubbed deodorant stains off of it, it’s fallen on our dusty floor, and it may even be one that was recently returned. For you own sake, wash it before you wear it!

P/s: Wow,I can SO relate to how these sales people are feeling since I've worked as sales assistant myself.Believe me customers are our number 1 source of agony,pain and headache!Not to mention that standing on my feet for hours and hours the whole day is a killer,especially if you're doing a full-time shift!So next time you're out shopping,at least have some common courtesy to be nice and respect the sales people.They're human beings too,you know!Not just some slaves you can torture around.Of course,as a customer myself,I'd get irritated by how bad the Malaysian sales people are,they're rude,lazy,did not do a proper job when assisting customers,and worst (according to my experience) some of them would snicker at customers who walked in their store and then started to whisper at each other about how the customers look and would ignore the customers when they need some help.

*Article taken from Yahoo Shine.Republished with permission of Hearst Communications, Inc.

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