Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Style Tips: The Dos And Donts Of Wearing Tights

*Sourced and edited by Dayana Sobri,
5th October 2010.

Cover up your legs in a proper yet fashionable way without looking like a retarded tramp....

DO consider the hue

1.DO consider the hue

With green tights, you could risk looking Peter Pan-ish. But Rachel Bilson’s extra-dark ones are fab.

DON’T revert back to childhood

2.DON’T revert back to childhood

Eighty-three percent of you say the white-ankle-socks-over-patterned-hosiery thing is a D.O.N.T.

DO dare to wear red

3.DO dare to wear red

A hounds-tooth coat with red peeking out underneath? It works.

DON’T mix and match

4.DON’T mix and match

Two-hue tights certainly make a statement—just a confusing one!

DO accessorize your look

5.DO accessorize your look

Those are some serious accessories, lady—and you’re definitely a Do!

DON’T be a hole-y roller

6.DON’T be a hole-y roller

Caution: Holes may cause hypothermia and a serious case of the Don’ts.

DO tone down the tights on a bright outfit

7.DO tone down the tights on a bright outfit

Neutral opaque gray is a good idea when the rest of your look pops like actress Madeline Zima’s.

DON’T forget to exercise restraint

8.DON’T forget to exercise restraint

When your hem is this mini, neutrals are the only answer.

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